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Services we offer

From big pictures notes to deep dive line edits, we offer a range of services to help you with whatever you need most!

Not sure what service is right for you? Reach out to one of our editors and ask. We're happy to answer any questions you might have!

Lantern Edit

$.02 / word

Have you written a first draft and are unsure where to go from here? Have you revised your manuscript and taken it as far as you feel able, but know it isn’t quite there yet?


With this Lantern edit, we'll read your manuscript in whatever state it’s in - no judgment for mess! We’ll shine a light on things we love, areas ripe with opportunity to deepen and enrich your story, and spots or aspects we think could be cut. We'll consider all aspects of story (plot, characters, setting, etc), but will not focus on grammar, sentence structure, word choice, or similar nitty gritty things that you shouldn’t worry about until you’re further along.

What you receive: An edit letter and optional follow-up meeting via Zoom or phone call.

Deep Dive Edit

$.03 / word

Do you feel like your story is missing something but aren’t quite sure what? Or maybe you know what the problem is but aren’t sure how to fix it.


If you’ve taken your story as far as you can, or need help knowing where to go next, this is the edit for you. With this critique, we’ll read for plot, character, pacing, setting & world-building, description, consistency, clarity, tone/voice, and the language of your writing itself. What you’ll receive is an overview on what is and isn’t working, suggestions for possible fixes, some brainstorming in order to jump start your own creativity to find new solutions, overall strengths of your manuscript and writing, and any spots we see that you missed an opportunity to deepen or strengthen your story. Light line editing will be done - not to fix, but to note confusing sentences or sections that aren’t as strong. Habits you lean heavily on will also be noted, along with suggestions on how to smooth your personal prose.

What you receive: An edit letter, in-line comments, line edits, and optional follow-up meeting via Zoom or phone call.

Partial Manuscript Critique

50 pages for $150

Send us the first 50 pages of your story, and we'll give them as deep of a dive edit as we're able.


We review the same story elements we do during our Deep Dive edit – plot, character, world-building, etc – and highlight things that are working well with your opening, as well as offer suggestions on things to keep in mind in the later half of your novel.

What you receive: A short edit letter and in-line comments regarding line edits.

Polish Proofreading Pass

$.02 / word

Is your manuscript almost ready to go? Are you nervous that you’re sending it off to an agent or formatter and need some fresh eagle eyes to catch last minute mistakes?


We do a very close analysis on things like grammar, punctuation, word choice, sentence syntax, etc to get your manuscript in tip-top shape! As writers, we often get to the point with our book when we can recite in our head the lines that are coming next. That kind of familiarity does not help us catch our own small mistakes. Let us help so your story is as polished as possible!

What you receive: Your Word or Google doc with track changes that will be easy to go through and accept (versus simply updating your document – yes, this has happened to me!), along with any in-line comments where we notice clarity or consistency issues. You will not get any creative feedback with a proofread.

Add ons

Any of these can be added on to the services above. Just let your editor know during the booking process that you'd like an add on.

Revision Plan


Do you have a hard time knowing where to begin when you are looking to tackle revisions? For an additional fee, we'll outline how we would tackle your revisions, or give you multiple suggestions so you can choose what you think will work best for you.

Query Critique


We’ll run two passes of your query letter, once before we read your story (fresh eyes to catch confusion and clarity issues), and once after (for suggestions on how to make it more specific and intriguing once we know enough of your story to help you pinpoint moments you could better use to entice).

Rush Fee

$50 for partial

Full prices are tiered by word count:

40k and under - $100

41-60k - $150

61-80k - $200

81-100k - $250

101k+ - $300

If you are under a time crunch and need to be squeezed into our schedule immediately, we'll work extra hours to make that happen for you.

Additional services

Revise & Resubmit - offered by Kat only

$100 for partial | $.01 / word for full

Once you revise a manuscript I’ve read, you can resubmit it! I'll read your revisions and offer a one-page overview of notes.

*For the partial, it does not need to be the first 50 pages. It can be any 50 pages you like! (Example: The first 25 pages and the last 25 pages, or some tricky chapters in the murky middle, etc.)

Indie Pub Planning & Coaching - offered by Joanna only

$60 / hour

Interested in self publishing a book (or two)? Let me share my expertise with you to make your journey a little smoother.


We'll meet via Marco Polo, Zoom, or regular phone calls to help you plan, discuss, and learn the ins and outs of launching your own book, as well as existing in the indie pub sphere. I'll also teach you things to know about Amazon before you start (that I didn’t when I started!) so you can position your book in the best way, along with launching ideas and marketing insight.

Ready to book? Head to our Meet the editors page to contact your preferred editor.

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