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Episode 9:
Chat With Author Maci Aurora/CL Walters

Episode 9
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Joanna interviews romance author Maci Aurora (who also writes YA and NA contemporary under the pen name, CL Walters). With 11 books under her belt, Maci is no stranger to revising. In this episode, she shares her process for how she tackles revisions (post-its for the win!), discusses mistakes she’s made along the way, and offers great advice on how to make sure you’re getting solid critiques from your beta readers.


Note: The question of the day was inspired by characters from Maci’s book IN THE SHADOW OF A WISH (book 1 of the Fareview Fairytale series), not IN THE SHADOW OF A HOAX (book 2).

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Meet our guest

maci aurora.jpg

Maci Aurora

Maci Aurora writes blush-inducing romantasy and contemporary romance under the pen name CL Walters. She's been teaching high school English on and off for many years, and in her writing has tackled heavy and important topics such as toxic masculinity, unhealthy (vs healthy) relationships, and sex positivity.

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