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Episode 38:
Chat With Author Liza Wiemer On Utilizing
Sensitivity Readers

Episode 38
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Joanna interviews young adult and picture book writer Liza Wiemer on the importance of doing your homework before you even start writing a project, especially if your project is based off of a real-life event, not to mention real people! Liza shares the various strategies she uses to conduct research, from visiting sites to interviewing subject matter experts. Additionally, Liza talks about why it’s best to use more than one sensitivity reader during all stages of your writing and revising process.

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Meet our guest

LizaWiemer headshot.jpeg

Liza Wiemer

Liza Wiemer is an award-winning educator with over 20 years of teaching experience. Her second novel, The Assignment, a young adult novel inspired by an assignment that NY high school students were given to argue for the extermination of Jews, was published by Delacorte Press and has received 12 honors, as well as been optioned for film. Since August 2020, she has presented over 500 talks and workshops across the globe. She’s been interviewed by media outlets like NPR, BBC, ABC, and gave a TedXTalk at the UW-Madison. She’s also published non-fiction and a picture book. A graduate of UW-Madison, Liza has two married sons and lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her husband, Jim.

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