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Episode 23:
Chat With Historian Jenn Van Haaften on Nailing Historical Details in Your Stories

Episode 23
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Joanna and Kat interview history maven and writer, Jenn Van Haaften, on creating accurate and immersive historical fiction. As a historian with 30+ years of experience, Jenn notices all the little details that make or break effective world building. She shares which elements to focus on for a more immersive and authentic feel and offers tips on how to vet research for the highest quality sources.

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Meet our guest

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Jenn Van Haaften

Writer and historian Jenn Van Haaften has been drawn to history as long as she can remember. Professionally, she's worked in living history sites as well as museums for thirty years, and personally, she's fallen down any number of rabbit holes chasing facts about multiple events and eras.

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