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Episode 19:
Chat With Author J Mercer on Revising Dual
Character Timelines

Episode 19
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Kat turns the mic on her co-host Joanna (who writes YA and women’s fiction under the pen name J Mercer). Joanna talks all about her newest YA release (In One Life and Out Another) and the challenges she faced with writing dual timelines. She shares the ups and downs of her ten-year revision journey with this story, as well as gives helpful advice for writers tackling their own dual timeline manuscripts.

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Meet our guest

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J. Mercer

J. Mercer grew up in Wisconsin where she walked home from school with her head in a book, filled notebooks with stories in junior high, then went to college for accounting and psychology only to open a dog daycare. She now writes women’s fiction and young adult novels, freelance edits, and talks revision on The Novel Ending podcast. She wishes she were an expert linguist and enjoys exploring with her husband and two daughters.

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