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Episode 18:
Chat With Author-Illustrator Sophie Li
on Changing Age Category and POV

Episode 18
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Kat welcomes author-illustrator Sophie Li back to the podcast! In this interview, Sophie explains why she chose to change one of her manuscripts from YA to MG and another from 3rd person to 1st person, as well as offers practical insight into what those revisions entailed. She also gives advice for writers who may find themselves wanting to switch age category or POV in their work in progress.

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Meet our guest

Sophie headshot.jpeg

Sophie Li

Sophie is a Chinese Canadian author-illustrator living in Toronto. She is an Author Mentor Match and Pitch Wars alum, a member of SCBWI, and she previously worked with an editor from Knopf BFYR through the Word Mentorship on a middle grade novel. When not writing or drawing, she's likely chugging bubble tea while watching Chinese stand-up comedy.

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